How to Create a My Care Doctors Account.

Creating my care account is easy and takes a couple of steps to complete.

  • Download the My Care app in your mobile device and Install it
  • Open my care app and click on the Register button
  • Fill out the details like name, email, mobile number, location, etc.
  • Check on I agree with the terms and condition
  • And Click on the register button.
  • Once you click on the register button my care ask you to verify the phone number
  • Once you click on the register button you got one OTP from my care
  • Add that 6 digit OTP and click on submit button
  • Or if you didn’t get OTP then click on resend OTP Button
  • Your account will be under review and very soon, our representative make your account active after review details filled by you.

How to Set Up the My Care Doctors Profile.

It’s important to add a picture and set up your profile allow my care to help you easily connect with your patient and stand out to the new patient. The patient sees your picture anytime and connects with you anytime via call, message or video call.
From the profile, you can edit your profile details anytime.
When doctor register their profile the unique my care ID is generated and that ID helps doctors to connect with their patient.
From the doctors, dashboard doctor can manage and see their all patient, all prescriptions, patient’s documents, prescripted drafts, Doctors notes and, hospitals.

How doctors can send the prescription to their patient?

Doctors can add the prescription from the “+” button in the bottom right from the prescriptions screen.
Write the prescription. Fill up the prescription form.
Select the patient that you want to send the prescription.
After the selection of patient select the pharmacy and click on submit

How doctors can add the note to their patients?

Click on the notes button from the doctor’s dashboard and Select the patient from the all patients list. Click on the patient name you can see that selected patient documents and notes.
Click on “Write a Note” button and write your notes and click on submit button
Doctors can edit their notes. And the patient can see that doctors notes on their MY CARE app.
Doctors also can manage their patient appointment. When doctors approved the patient appointment the patient get the notification.

How will the doctor get his fees?

The user/patent of this mobile application will pay online through My Care application by debit card, credit card or net banking, the fees will be directly collected by My Care App and will be remitted to the doctor within 6 working days.

How to Create a My Care Patient Account.

Creating my care account is easy and takes a couple of steps to complete.

  • Download the My Care app in your mobile device and Install it
  • Open my care app and click on the Register button
  • Fill out the details like name, email, mobile number, location, etc.
  • Check on I agree with the terms and condition
  • And Click on the register button.
  • Once you click on the register button my care ask you to verify the phone number
  • Once you click on the register button you got one OTP from my care
  • Add that 6 digit OTP and click on submit button
  • Or if you didn’t get OTP then click on resend OTP Button

Making Changes to Your Account


To change your password in the app, select Profile > Change Password


To add or edit personal information including your name, address, email, etc. go to profile OR View Profile in the app and > click on my Profile.


If you want to add your doctors to my care go to dashboard> my doctors> enter doctors my care id> click on Ok

How to Get Connected


For searching your local area doctors go to my doctors in my care app and select your location.


The best thing about MY Care is that you can connect with ALL your providers on one platform.

  • Allergy
  • Andrology
  • Arthroscopy
  • Asthma
  • Ayurveda
  • Dermatology
  • Dental
  • Homeopathy
  • And Many More!

General Questions for Patient

How can I book an appointment?

For new connection doctor, first you need to connect with doctor

My Care App>Doctor List >Select specialty as per your need>Connect

Once doctor approve connection request afterword, you can find that doctor in My Care App>My Doctors>Book Appointment

Where Can I Access My Prescription?

You can see all you prescription at My Care App> My Prescriptions

How can I share my prescription with Pharmacy?

My Care App > My Pharmacy > Send Prescription to Pharmacy > Medical History > Select Doctor (Who sent you prescription) > Select Prescription > Select Pharmacies

After sending prescription to pharmacies, wait for pharmacies to send you quotes on your prescription

What is My Care App?

My Care App is a health & wellness mobile application, which caters to all your health needs. You can avail various health services like Doctor Consultations from India’s leading healthcare providers, Hospitals, diagnostic tests from Leading Pathologies and On-Line Pharmacy and the reports are made available in the app itself for anytime reference. Easy, secure storage and sharing.


We support IOS and Android (5.0 and above). We do not support the Windows operating system at this time.


  • Your Personal Doctors: We defend the relationship between doctors and their patients. It’s YOUR doctors! With My Care, you can text, call, or video with your doctors who you already know and trust
  • The breadth of Care: General Practitioner, Dentist, Pathologist, etc all on one single app.
  • You don’t have to be “techie” to use My Care! All text chats between doctors and patients are easy and secure.

How do I download and install My Care App?

My Care App mobile app is currently available on Google Playstore and iOS App store. To download, search for “My Care App “, select the app from search results and click ‘install’.

How to use My Care App?

As Skype My Care is not an option of Phone it will facilitate user to connect to a doctor, hospital, pathology and pharmacy from one platform. For emergencies user has to get in touch with local doctor or hospital or Family physician.

On which devices can I use My Care App?

My Care App is available for iOS and Android smartphones. Your device should have 3G or 4G network or WiFi coverage instrument should have iOS version 10.0 or higher, Android OS version 5.0 or higher to use My Care App.

What are different types of data supported in My Care App?

The Application supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF & DCM (Medical Images like X-ray) Files

Can I see my medical reports offline?

No. My care is an online App which has a folder of reports stored which can be reached only when you are online, the report will be automatically stored in the folder.

How do I upload data into My Care App?

Once you select a particular category, say, Lab Reports, you will see the small floating dot which reveals the options to “Capture Record” or “Upload Record”. You can use these options to either click a picture of your record or Upload it from your phone’s gallery.

How do I report a Bug or share a feedback on the My Care App?

To share any feedback or report any bugs on My Care App, write to us at

How safe is my data on My Care App?

We have HIPAA and GDPR compliance as medical data is highly confidential, we follow best practices to make sure your data is safe and secure with us. The data is encrypted end-to-end so that at both the server and application ends, there are minimal chances of any data hacks.

How can I include my family's records in my Account?

We recommend that you use separate My Care App accounts for individual family members. You can provide the same phone number for a family member, and can receive lab records on your phone but you will need to unlock the records using the patient ID shared by the partner Doctor, hospital/ lab.

Can I share my data with someone who does not have My Care App installed?

Yes, you can share your reports with anyone, even contacts who do not have My Care App installed on their phones. They will receive a PDF message.

How do I search for a particular report on My Care App?

My care will have folder of repots where all the reports will be stored, the report received and seen last will be shown first in the folder.

Where can I find the list of partner hospitals who support My Care App?

The list of services provided by our partners are mentioned in the different services sections in the app.

I have been accessing my records on my hospital’s website. Will these older records be available now on My Care App?

My Care App works with different partner hospitals – some of our partners may allow your previous data to be made available while some others may not. Please check with your hospital if they have made your previous medical data available to us.

As a patient, can I upload my MRI and CT scans onto My Care App? From films and CDs? How do I upload them?

Currently, the ability to upload large files like CT scans and MRIs is only available to partner hospitals where the imaging labs can upload these files, as this files are large they cannot be uploaded or downloaded through App.

Can my doctor take a copy of my data records shared through My Care App?

Yes, to ensure the confidentiality of your medical records, My Care App allows only your doctor and yourself to see, print and share your data which will be in a folder form.

What kind of files can I upload through My Care App?

You can upload image files, clicked as pictures by your phone’s camera or as PDFs. This includes email attachments in the form of PDFs that can flow from the Doctors, Hospitals and pathological labs directly into your My Care App Folder.

How long will take to send my file to my doctor through My Care App?

The sharing of files on My Care App happens instantly. When you share your report with any of your contacts, they receive an in-app notification from My Care App. On clicking the notification they can view your shared records.

How can I avail an existing offer on the My Care App?

To avail My Care App exclusive offers:
-> Visit the ‘Offers’ section in the app and click on the offer that benefits you
-> You will be able to see the details about the offer. For instance, what tests are included in the package (In case it is a Lab tests package), what will be cost for hospitalization and what will be cost of medicine if it has to be couriered what price the test package was originally listed for and what discounts you are getting.
-> Choose your payment mode – Online payment
-> You will get a booking confirmation notification.
-> The partner hospital’s lab or any Private Pathology will contact you directly to fix an appointment or schedule a time for door-step collection of your sample.

What happens to my uploaded medical records if I lose my smartphone?

You can access your records seamlessly by downloading the app again provided you use and the same My Care password to login.

How do I move my existing records to a second My Care App account?

Please write to us on support@mycareindia.co.in

What is the Sync Account feature on My Care App?

The ‘Sync account’ feature displays the list of all the Doctors, labs/imaging centers, Hospitals that have uploaded data for your patient ID onto your My Care App account.

How do I register with My Care App once it is installed?

When you log in for the first time with a phone number, you will be prompted for a One Time Password (OTP), which is used to verify the number. After verification, the app guides you to set up a medical profile and assigns you a unique My Care App ID for Doctors, hospitals and labs, so that they can send medical records to you through our App. For patients it will be their password.

Can I be logged into multiple devices at the same time?

To ensure maximum security of your medical data, we allow only one device to be logged in at a time with a single unique password. This means as soon as you log in using a different device with the same ID, the app will log you out from the earlier device you were logged onto.

What is the ID being displayed on the My Care App home screen? Can I change it

The ID being displayed under your name on the app home screen is your My Care App ID (HHID). This ID is assigned automatically from the system and cannot be changed. This is the universal ID that will be used to send records to your phone from different Doctors, hospitals and labs.

I have changed my mobile number. How do I log into my previous My Care App account?

Your My Care App account remains active till you delete it. You can use your My Care App password to log in to your account at any time even when you do not have access to your phone number. My care App will remember all accounts associated with your password and show them so you can choose which number to log in with. For any queries or support, you can also write to us at support@mycareindia.co.in

How do I add money to My Care App?

We have various options for adding money to your My Care Wallet that it can be Debit Card, Credit Card and Net-Banking options will be shown on screen. We have one more feature in My Care App that money can be transferred to your My Care App account from anywhere in India through other phone number.

What is the time frame given for consulting a doctor, pathology or a hospital in My Care App?

My Care App will give 15 minutes window for video Consulting.

Can we connect with a doctor any time from My Care App?

No. Time of on-line consultation will be written in the profile of any doctor you select to consult.